Back to Black

Back to Black

Because my hair had looked completely fucked regarding it’s color, I thought it was time to go back to the basics.

I really loved the red hair, but it was so damn hard to maintain and I didn’t do a proper job of it. So it was just much easier to did it all black. I basically cover the red and the roots with the black dye. The proper way to do it, is by removing the old color first, which I obviously didn’t do but it still turned out fine.

Red hair

Red hair

I finally died my hair completely red 🙂

From Black to Golden Blonde

From Black to Golden Blonde

It has actually been about a week since I bleached my hair, and that’s why I think it is time to do an update about it.

I was supposed to film the whole process, but our bathroom is so tiny, I can’t use my camera with my 60 mm lens and studio lights in there (there’s also not enough light in there) so I decided that I didn’t want to film it anyway. And that was probably a very good idea, because the sent of the bleaching product made my eyes all watery and red. I looked like a person that had been crying for days without sleep! I have some pictures, but I’m grateful that I didn’t film it like I had originally planed.

But I’ll still tell you a bit about my experience with bleaching my hair with Manic Panic’s Flash Lightning Vol. 40 anyway. Of cause you have to follow the instructions on the package, but here’s a few other things to keep in mind when bleaching with this product:

  • Only bleach your hair in a room where you can open a window, because you are going to need the fresh air! The bleach has a very intoxicating smell and you shouldn’t breathe it for too long. If you need it, go outside and take in some fresh air. (that’s what I did).
  • Use tinfoil to wrap the hair, that way your old t-shirt doesn’t get too dirty or bleached.
  • I like to have straightened hair when I dye it. For this process, I only straightened the ends.
  • If you have really long hair like me, don’t bleach it by yourself! That’s what I did and because I parted my hair in two sections, there’s a color difference in my hair because one side had the bleach in it longer than the other (I tried my best to give the two sections the same amount of time, but I guess I failed). If you have another person or two to help you, you can dye all the hair at the same time, eliminating too much difference in color.
  • Also, I almost ran out of bleach. If I were to bleach it again, I would use two containers instead of just one. Before bleaching and buying the product, you should really think about how much of your hair you want bleached and if you are going to need only one or two products. The color difference is also partly because I ran out of bleach about halfway…
  • Think about where you want the color to be strongest and start with that section of the hair. I started from the back and then to the front. If you want the front to be brighter, you have to start there.

Well, that’s the extra advice I have for you when bleaching your hair. And I guess it goes for plain hair dyeing too. I hope this helps, so you don’t make the same mistakes as me 🙂

I was very pleased with the results and the color! I love the golden blonde so much that I’m thinking twice about dyeing it red now. Maybe I’ll stay with this blonde look for the summer and dye it red for fall.

If you bleach your hair with this product, you are very welcome to comment about your experience and advice if you have any.

Now it’s time for all the pictures! Notice that my left side is more brighter and golden than the right side. I still think it’s pretty though, but it would have been nice if both side had the same color.

My Hair Color Story (2009-2015)

My Hair Color Story (2009-2015)

This entry is dedicated to my hair. Thanks for enduring all the dyeing and chemicals I’ve put you through.

Before I mention all the different hair colors I’ve had, I want to mention the fact that my hair is actually relaxed. I used to get my hair relaxed many times when I was younger (I can’t count how many, but I know it was a lot) just because I wanted to have straight hair, like all the other girls in school. I wanted my hair to be like the girl on the picture of the Luster’s Pink relaxer, but my hair never turned out like that. That’s why, no matter how many times my mom relaxed my hair, it always remained curly. Although the curls have gotten bigger and much more manageable from all the relaxing. There has been no damage to my hair from this process.

I can’t really remember when I stopped relaxing my hair, but it was probably around the age of eleven or something. I haven’t relaxed my hair since. I started dyeing my hair in January 2009 when I was fourteen. My very first hair color was a red hair dye from Matas (a big Danish drugstore). The hair dye wasn’t for my hair texture at all, so my hair didn’t really take to the dye.

Here come some pictures. Just a warning, I was weird and ’emo’ like back in 2009. Oh gosh, that phase!

Because I wasn’t happy with the color or the fact that it just seemed like my hair simply wouldn’t take hair dye, I started wearing wigs because I then had the opportunity to choose whatever color I liked. (I didn’t just wear wigs for that reason. I already had wigs because of my interest in cosplay).

Anyway, some times after that my mom introduced my to SoftSheen Carson’s Dark & Lovely permanent hair dye. My first Dark & Lovely hair color was #379 Golden Bronze. I remember I only used one package, hoping it would cover my whole hair, it did not. Pictures are from January and April 2010.

It took some time to get used to the blonde hair, which was just like highlighting actually. In the end, I got used to the color and I actually ended up liking it. I rediscovered my love for red hair and dyed it #394 Vivacious Red (also Dark & Lovely). This result I actually loved! Later I put some blonde in it again and chestnut or some other brown color. This was were I began to experiment.

After that phase, I dyed my hair again in July 2011 before traveling to Tanzania. This time it was #376 Red Hot Rhythm. I was in so much love with this hair color, but I thought it was too red and put some blonde and brown back in the mix as stripes.

Later in 2011 just before my 18th birthday, I dyed it black with #382 Midnight Blue and the results was awesome. My hair has never been completely black, so I had to get used to the dramatic look.

I then kept it black for a year or two, just letting the color slowly fade and my natural hair color grow out. I then dyed it red yet again and let that stay for some time. Then in August 2013 I dyed it Golden Bronze again, but went for an ombre look this time.

When I got tired of that, I tried to color with black with red stripes in October 2014. It turned out a black color with a hint of brown (guess that’s what happens when you do it yourself and try to do two colors at once without separating the hair properly).

Then I decided I wanted completely blonde hair, but I didn’t want to bleach it. I went for the Golden Bronze again and sat with the dye for a long time and my roots really turned blonde. I did not like it. (this is what happens when you start dyeing your roots first, because the heat from you head will speed up the color process, turning the roots darker or lighter depending on your dye) but no, I did not know that until recently. And yes, if I had known that a few years ago, my hair colors would probably have looked better, but at least I discovered it now – thanks Youtube! 😀

Now I’m in the process of dyeing it black and red ombre. I’ve already dyed it black in the top and I’m just waiting for the days to pass so I can bleach my hair for the first time. I’m bleaching it because I really want the red color to pop.

If you want to see how my hair will turn out, be sure to check my Youtube channel in a week or two 😀