New Clothes

New Clothes

I suddenly noticed that I don’t have any t-shirt and tops that fits me for when I start work after the summer holidays. I then went on a little shopping spree with my boyfriend a got some new great things, which I’m really excited about.

It’s always hard for me to buy clothes, because I like to feel comfortable in it, so I have to try it on before buying it. I also have a weird thing with how tight the shirts are around my bust, so, yeah, I don’t really know why. But sometimes tops can just irritate me so much that I end my taking it off and grabbing a new one before going out. If I don’t feel comfortable in my clothes, I become tense, frustrated and annoyed – which is not fun so I try to avoid that.

Anyway, here’s the new stuff I bought 🙂

A turtle neck ribbed midi dress in a gray color. I like this one very much and I’ve been obsessed with it for a few weeks. It’s in a size medium (they didn’t have a size small and I don’t think it would have looked good anyway). It’s from Pieces.

A turtle neck top that is SO fricking soft, you won’t believe it. It’s black-ish or dark blue-ish. Lately I’ve been re-watching Friends and I saw Jennifer Aniston wearing a turtle neck top just like this one! The episode was from 1998, lol. It’s funny how fashion from the early and late 90’s are coming back now. It’s also from Pieces.

I also got these shorts – my very first pair of short in many many years. The shorts (size medium) are from Messenger while the three tops (size small) are from H&M. Just so I had some basics, because I love basics so much, so comfy.

This is the last top i bought. I usually don’t like a loose fit around the bust area, but this one was shockingly comfortable. It’s in a size small from H&M.