My Weight Loss: Then and Now

My Weight Loss: Then and Now

It’s been a year since I decided to lose weight and began exercising. I’m baffled by how much have happened, how much weight I’ve lost and how much more confident I’ve become.

It’s like a new and better me. I’m still not exactly where I want with my weight on the scale, but I’m very happy with how my body looks now.

To celebrate my one year weight loss anniversary I took a new picture of myself today. And yes, it’s in my underwear again. I don’t own any bikini anymore… I’ve spent all summer going from store to store to look for the perfect bikini, but I found none.

The one from the left in my old bikini is before, a year ago and the one to the right is taken today. I’ve gone down from size large to small in tops and from xtra large to medium in leggings and from UK size 14 to 10 in dresses.

I like my body so much more now and I’m actually very happy with it. I don’t mind what the scale says, as long as I maintain my weight. Still, I would like to lose 1-2 kg to reach my goal weight.

The First Before and After Pictures

The First Before and After Pictures

These pictures are taken some time ago (before in the red bikini is July 2014 and the after picture in purple is from March 2015). I wouldn’t normally post pictures of myself almost naked, but what the heck, it’s only my body.

It shows how much weight I’ve lost and how far I’ve come! Since 11th March I’ve lost more and now weigh 64,4 kg today. Yay! I’ve actually lost 10 kg since December/January! Yay me! I think I have to celebrate later today, maybe with a good workout?
And what the heck happened to my skin? It got so much more even! And a lot of the stretchmarks aren’t that visible anymore (They have actually become lighter than before now). I really like my body now that I’ve lost weight. Before it looked like my body was about to blow up or something.. I also feel so much lighter! Yay!


To celebrate that I’ve lost 10 kilos to this day, I’ve taken a new picture which is the one above 🙂

The next ‘Before and After’ pictures will be when I reach my goal of 60 kg!
I also got the Fitbit Charge HR Fitness watch yesterday and so far I’m loving it and it’s fun to use and work out 😀
Have an awesome day~