Baby Stuff We’ve Got So Far

I thought It would be a good idea to make a list of all the baby stuff we’ve bought (or received) so far. We bought a lot of stuff when we were in London, and then I’ve been buying stuff that was on sale from stores like H&M and Zalando. […]

New Haircut!

My hair has been looking dead for some time now. Since I’d found out I was pregnant I of cause haven’t been able to dye it or anything, which I usually do when I get bored of my hair. So instead it was time to cut it. I cut it […]

Newborn Photography

Today I had the pleasure of doing newborn photography of my sister in-laws son, Xander ❤ I had never done this before, so I think it went very well and it was quite fun. If you wish to see the finished pictures then check out my photography portfolio.

Anatomy Scan

Time for the anatomy scan – 20 weeks ultrasound. The scan showed that everything was fine, no defects to be seen. Yay! So here’s some new ultrasound pictures. We also got some free baby stuff from different stores.

19 Weeks Pregnant

I’ve been dealing with terrible back pains and I’m so happy that my boyfriend doesn’t mind giving me a massage now and then. I’ve also enjoyed swimming in warm water as it helps with the muscle pain and I feel weightless. He’s kicking more and more.

Our Trip to London

We finally went on our first vacation ever together. It’s rather crazy, when we’ve been together for five years with a vacation as a couple! We stayed in London for five days – Monday to Friday. We stayed at the St Giles Hotel (I had stayed there before) which is […]